This week, Mahitak said a couple stopped by who seemed

Economic growth added to the rising investor appetite for haven assets that has driven a 2014 rebound for bullion. Retail sales fell in January by the most in 10 months, and jobless claims unexpectedly rose in the week ended Feb. 8, government data showed today.

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women’s jewelry Friday Two people involved in a marijuana operation at a residence were arrested. According to police, more than 300 plants were found. Saturday Two people responsible for stabbing a person are being sought. KALAMA, WA Police said once the couple is inside, they end up stealing from the homeowners. It happened twice this week and police believe the suspects could strike again.For more than a year, Dan Mahitak has been trying to sell his house in Kalama.The 68 year old is looking to move closer to his daughter home in northern Washington.This week, Mahitak said a couple stopped by who seemed interested.”They walked around and the man was taking pictures with his cell phone while the woman kept me occupied, talking with me,” said Mahitak.The couple was inside the home for several minutes.That when Mahitak said the woman kept asking to see the garage and tried to get him to go outside.Once he took the couple outside, Mahitak said the woman quickly asked to go back inside to use the restroom.Mahitak said she went inside and he stayed outside in the garage talking with the man.”Something just didn seem right, something wasn kosher. So what I did was I told him I have to go sit down,” added Mahitak.It was on the way back to the house that Mahitak noticed something unusual.He said the man tried to stall and even set off his car alarm twice, as if signaling the woman.”So that really threw a red flag to me women’s jewelry.